Michael Lezcano está listo para ayudarle en cualquier tipo de accidente vehicular.

Making Justice Happen: The Lezcano Law Firm


Where are you from?

Attorney Michael Lezcano: My father was born and raised in Cuba and my mother in Mexico. I was

born and raised in Laredo, Texas.

Years of Experience: Six years handling 100% accident and injury cases.

How did you decide to become an attorney?

Lezcano: |'ve always had a passion for helping others. Especially those that I see are being bullied

or taken advantage of by others. I'm the type of man that if I see or feel that someone is being

mistreated, I instantly feel an aggressive emotion inside of me that instantly makes me want to

stand up and defend that person that can't defend themselves.

How have you contributed to your community with your legal practice?

Lezcano: I represent victims of accidents caused by negligent drivers. I hold those bad drivers and

their greedy insurance companies responsible for fully paying and compensating my clients for all

damages, injuries, and medical bills that they have suffered due to someone else's negligence.

Insurance companies are greedy corporations that never want to pay a fair value for your claims or

injuries. They're bullies and will try to get you to accept anything just to settle your case. I don't

back down from bullies - I fight them and I win.

What kind of cases do you take? Where can people contact you?

Lezcano: First of all, people need to understand and know that I can and have successfully

represented clients regardless of their legal citizenship status. Often times, these are manual labor

construction workers that don't have papers and are afraid to hire a lawyer because their boss

threatened to fire them and report them to immigration officials. Don't be afraid! I can and I will

help. Con papeles o sin papeles, no importa. If someone is injured on the job or in a construction

accident, I can help them. Most of the time, the bosses threaten the workers because the

supervisors are not following required OSHA standards and are afraid to be reported. I represent

injured workers. And I win. Our contact information is 956-615-0111.

What type of cases can you take?

Lezcano: I take all accident cases including 18 wheeler accidents, motorcycle accidents, car

accidents, oil field accidents, wrongful death cases, construction accidents, work-related accidents,

and accidents caused by defective products.

Anything else you want to add about yourself and your services that differentiates you from other

lawyers out there?

Lezcano: Yes, absolutely. What separates me from all other lawyers is my aggressive passion for

helping victims that can't help themselves and my absolute commitment to making sure my clients

see and hear from me directly - always. For example, each and every one of my several hundred

clients has my personal cell phone number and office number - no other lawyer does that. They

prefer not to be bothered. I'm the opposite. I tell every client - you're my boss - I'm just here to

help you and guide you through the process. All of my clients know that it doesn't matter whether

its 3:00 pm or 6:00 am - I'm only a call or a text message away. Because I care about them, their

case, and because I don't fight to lose.

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